Update to proposed industrial action by Network Rail RMT/TSSA Union members Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th May

Network Rail staff who are members of the RMT /TSSA unions have suspended proposed industrial action on Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th May. 

All Train services will now operate as planned

  • Accessibility

    Arriva Trains Wales wants to ensure that this website is as inclusive as possible and presents no barriers to anyone using it regardless of ability.  We commissioned the Shaw Trust to carry out accessibility testing during Spring 2012 and recommended improvements to the website were implemented in Summer 2012.

    This means that our website went through stringent accessibility testing by experinced users of adaptive technology for access for people who have:

    • No Vision
    • Low Vision
    • Colour Blindness
    • Dyslexia
    • Hearing Impairments
    • Mobility Impairments
    • Learning Difficulties

    The accreditation applies to all elements of the site except our downloadable timetables. We are working hard to make these fully accessible too and will update them as soon as we are able. In the meantime , please use one of the telephone services listed below.

    For train times and fares call:
    The National Rail Telephone Enquiry Bureau - Open 24hrs -  03457 48 49 50
    National Rail Enquiries (Welsh Language Service) - 0345 60 40 500
    National Rail's automated Train Tracker Service - 0871 20 04 950

    You can also find details of National Rail's Train Tracker Text Service on the National Rail Website

    For assistance for customers with disabilities using our service, please call:

    0845 300 3005
    0345 605 0600 (Textphone)

    For ticket Reservations please buy online or call - 0870 900 0773

    For more information on accessibility please visit the website of the Shaw Trust

    Accessibility objectives

    Text & Graphics

    • Text is resizeable.
    • A text equivalent for every non-text element has been provided via "alt", "longdesc", or in element content.
    • Text and graphics are understandable when viewed without colour.
    • Text within images is used as little as possible. Where unavoidable (such as logos), ALT attributes have been used.

    Windows users

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 & 7: go to the View menu and select Text Size. In Text Size, choose Medium, Larger or Largest.
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8: go to the Page menu and select Text. In Text Size, choose Medium, Larger or Largest.
    • Mozilla Firefox: go to the View menu and select Zoom. Then adjust the size to suit you
    • Opera: go to the View menu and select Zoom. Then adjust the size to suit you

    Macintosh users

    • Mozilla Firefox: go to the View menu and select Zoom. Then adjust the size to suit you
    • Safari: Click on the Menu icon and select Zoom. Then adjust the size to suit you


    Tables are only used to display tabular information. Structural markup is used to identify table headers.

    The LABEL element is used to explicitly associate form inputs with their controls.


    • Stylesheets are used to handle layout and presentation.
    • Styles will not work on older browsers. However the content will display in the correct order, is fully legible, and all page elements are visible.

    Helpful links
    Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) - Main guidelines for web accessibility: www.w3.org/WAI 
    Free online service that lets you test pages for accessibility: http://webxact.watchfire.com