• Ticket Information

    We offer a wide range of tickets to ensure you can get the best value for money on your journey. This section of our website gives a brief overview of the different ticket types available for journeys throughout the UK.

    The range of tickets available for most journeys is:

    Ticket IconAnytime  – Buy any time, travel any time



    Ticket IconOff-Peak  – Buy any time, travel off-peak and for longer distance journeys



    Ticket IconAdvance  – Buy in advance, subject to availability



    Group Ticket IconGroup Travel  - Discounts available for small (3 - 9 people) and large (10+ people) groups travelling to and from the same destination.



    Group Ticket IconMobile Multi-Flex Tickets  - A reduced cost bulk-buy of 12 individual one-way tickets (six in one direction and six in the other) delivered straight to your smartphone through our brand new smartphone app, for regular journeys on the Cardiff and Valleys rail network



    First Class Ticket IconFirst Class  - Why not travel between North and South Wales on Arriva Trains Wales's Premier Service?



    Season Ticket IconSeason  – For regular commuters making the same Tickets journey every day.



    Ticket Offer Icon Promotional and Tourist Tickets - Click here to view all promotional and tourist tickets, exclusive to the Arriva Trains Wales network




    Please check the details of your intended journey prior to buying a ticket and travel. Rail improvement works by Network Rail can sometimes impact, at short notice, timetables, routes and the types of vehicle used.

    Your local rail station ticket office can provide this information during opening hours, or click here to plan your journey using this website.  Click here to find out about real-time train service performance. You can also join ouremail newsletter service to be kept up to date with important changes throughout the Arriva Trains Wales network.