• Ticket Information

    We offer a wide range of tickets to ensure you can get the best value for money on your journey. This section of our website gives a brief overview of the different ticket types available for journeys throughout the UK.

    The range of tickets availale for most journeys is:

    Ticket IconAnytime  – Buy any time, travel any time



    Ticket IconOff-Peak  – Buy any time, travel off-peak and for longer distance journeys



    Ticket IconAdvance  – Buy in advance, subject to availability



    Group Ticket IconGroup Travel  - Discounts available for small (3 - 9 people) and large (10+ people) groups travelling to and from the same destination.



    First Class Ticket IconFirst Class  - Why not travel between North and South Wales on Arriva Trains Wales's Premier Service?



    Season Ticket IconSeason  – For regular commuters making the same Tickets journey every day.



    Ticket Offer Icon Promotional and Tourist Tickets - Click here to view all promotional and tourist tickets, exclusive to the Arriva Trains Wales network