• Passengers' Charter

    The Charter is a statement of our commitment to provide the safe and high quality service you have the right to expect. We publish it so that you know the standards we are determined to achieve. We are committed to providing our customers with a high quality service and have set out our aims and details about our procedures in our Passenger’s Charter.

    We intend to provide the best possible standard of service to you so if at any time you are not satisfied with the service you receive, please tell us about it. To provide feedback, Customer Comments / Compensation Claim forms are available from any of our staffed stations or can be downloaded here.

    If you experience a delay in completing your journey due to train service disruption our Passenger’s Charter outlines our compensation policy, and the full details can be viewed within the downloadable PDF below.

    A summary of our Compensation Policy

    Daily Ticket holders (Anytime, Off-peak, Advance, Mobile Multi-flex) are entitled to compensation as follows;

    20% of the cost of their single ticket, or 10% of the cost of their return for delays between 30 – 59 minutes

    100% of the cost of their single ticket, or 50% of their return for delays of more than 1 hour

    We will consider increasing the compensation level for delays of more than 2 hours

    Weekly Season Ticket holders are entitled to compensation based on the value of that day’s return travel and the above percentages will be applied.

    Compensation is paid in the form of National Rail Travel vouchers, which are valid for twelve months from the date of issue. In line with the National Rail Conditions of Carriage, effective from 19 July 2015, upon request monetary reimbursement, in lieu of vouchers, will be paid in line with our Passenger’s Charter compensation levels and where the circumstances are within the railway industry’s control. 

    Arriva Trains Wales cannot accept claims for compensation when the delay is caused by matters outside the rail industry’s control such as vandalism, terrorism or exceptionally severe weather affecting most modes of transport.

    To submit a compensation claim please download our compensation claim/feedback form here ( also available on request at staffed stations), or write to us at Customer Relations, Arriva Trains Wales, St Mary’s House, 47 Penarth Road, Cardiff, CF10 5DJ, enclosing the following information;

    • Date of travel
    • Departure time of train
    • Journey (origin and destination)
    • Length of delay
    • Journey leg disrupted
    • Your train ticket(s) for the affected journey
    • Details of where the ticket(s) were purchased from

    All claims must be received within 28 days of the affected journey. 

    Monthly & Longer Season Ticket holders

    Customers who hold season tickets for one month or longer are entitled to compensation upon the renewal of their ticket if the overall punctuality and/or reliability of their service group falls below the published trigger levels. Compensation is payable via A discount on renewal of their season ticket and/or extension days if we declare a day void because we are unable to offer either an effective train service or replacement bus service. If you do not renew your season ticket you will be entitled to National Rail travel vouchers in lieu of the discount/extension you would have received, by writing to Customer Relations upon the expiry of your ticket.

    Details of the punctuality/reliability of each service group are on display at our ticket offices or can be viewed here.

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