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  • Passenger's Charter

    The Passenger’s Charter sets out our commitment to provide the safe and high-quality service you have the right to expect. We publish the Charter so that you know the standards we aim to achieve. 

    If you are ever unhappy with the service you receive from us, please tell us about it. If a train you traveled on is delayed by 30 minutes or more, you may be entitled to compensation. Full details are given in our Passenger’s Charter, which can be downloaded from the link below.  

    You can give us feedback and claim compensation for a delayed journey by filling in a form that you can download here or you can pick up a form from any of our staffed stations.

    Or you can write to us at:

    Customer Relations
    Arriva Trains Wales
    St Mary’s House 
    47 Penarth Road 
    CF10 5DJ

    You will need to provide the following information:

    o The date of your journey
    o The time your train was due to depart
    o The stations you were travelling from and to
    o How long the delay was
    o Details of where you bought the tickets
    o You will need to provide your ticket for the delayed journey. If you no longer have your ticket we may accept other proof of travel such as your booking confirmation

    We must receive your form or letter within 28 days of the delay.

    A summary of our Compensation Policy

    Daily Ticket holders (Anytime, Off-peak, Advance, Mobile Multi-flex)
    You are entitled to compensation as follows.

    Length of Delay      Compensation Single Ticket Compensation Return Ticket 
    30 to 59 minutes 20% of the cost of your ticket 10% of the cost of your ticket
    1 hour or more 100% of the cost of your ticket 50% of the cost of your ticket
    2 hours or more We may increase the level of compensation   

    Weekly Season Ticket holders

    Compensation is based on the daily cost of the ticket, and the percentages above will be applied.

    Monthly & Longer Season Ticket holders (Shrewsbury to Birmingham)

    If you have a season ticket and the stations you start and end your journey are between Shrewsbury and Birmingham we will compensate you for individual delayed journeys. 

    The compensation we provide for these delays is the same as daily tickets. However the cost of each journey is calculated as follows.

    Season Ticket Type      Value of each journey
    Annual     Cost of Ticket divided by 464
    Monthly     Cost of Ticket divided by 40 
    Weekly      Cost of Ticket divided by 10 

    Method of payment

    We normally pay compensation in the form of National Rail travel vouchers, which are valid for 12 months. If you prefer, you can ask for a cheque. This only applies to compensation you are entitled to receive. If we give you goodwill compensation this will usually be in the form of National Rail travel vouchers. 

    We do not accept liability for compensation when the delay is caused by matters outside our control such as vandalism, terrorism, trespass, industrial action or severe weather. 

    Monthly and longer season tickets (all other routes)

    If you hold a season ticket for one month or longer, you are entitled to compensation if the overall punctuality or reliability of your ticket’s service group falls below the published levels.  You can find out which service group your ticket is in here

    Compensation is paid in the form of a discount on the price of your next season ticket. If we declare ‘void’ days because we cannot offer either an effective train service or replacement bus service you will also receive extension days on your next season ticket for any days that we declare ‘void’. 

    You can get details of the punctuality and reliability levels, our performance in meeting them, and any compensation you are owed from our ticket offices or by clicking here

    If you do not renew your season ticket write to Customer Relations, at the above address, when your ticket runs out. We will pay you the compensation you would have received if you had renewed your season ticket. The compensation will be paid in the form of a cheque or National Rail travel vouchers. Please tell us which you would prefer when writing to us.