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  • Arriva Trains Wales Performance

    Arriva Trains Wales along with all of the train operators within the UK operate to punctuality and performance standards that are set by the government's Department for Transport (DfT).

    Every four weeks we update train punctuality and reliability figures, display them at our major stations and for ease and convenience they are also available below.

    Overall the number of trains we ran on time under our Passengers Charter was as follows:

  • Service Group Punc last 4 weeks Punc last 12 months Rel last 4 weeks Rel last 12 months Monthly tickets discount Longer validity tickets discount Void days (Monthly tickets)  Void days (Annual tickets) 
    South, West and Central Wales96.4%95.7%99.2%99.7%0%0%01
    Wales - England96.9%95.6%99.7%99.6%0% 0%01
    Marches 94.7%93.0%99.4%99.3%0%0%01
    North Wales Rural 95.5%94.1%99.3%99.3%0%0%01
    North Wales Inter Urban 98.2% 96.3%99.8%99.4%0%0%01
    Valley Lines 95.2%96.1%99.6%99.7%0%0%01

    Period Dates: 6 to 31 March 2016

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