• At Seat Catering

    Make sure you take advantage of the excellent range of snacks and beverage services available on our fleet of trains and cafes at Cardiff Queen Street and Newport station.

    Our on-board hosts will serve you at your seat offering a selection of sandwiches, cakes, snacks, hot drinks, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages at very reasonable prices.  

    Ticket Offer IconAt Seat Catering vouchers
    Don't have any cash available to purchase items from the At Seat Catering Trolley? No problem - you can buy At Seat Catering vouchers from the conductor using your debit* or credit card. Vouchers cost £5.30 which allows you to purchase items to the value of £5.00 from the trolley.

    Fair Trade Logo IMG Fairtrade Tea and Coffee
    At Seat Catering have been serving Fairtrade tea and coffee on Arriva Trains Wales services for over 4 years.  Find out more about Fairtrade Foundation by visiting their website www.fairtrade.org.uk.


    First Class Ticket IconFirst class dining on board Arriva Trains Wales' Business Class service
    Business Class passengers will be treated to a complimentary cooked breakfast on the morning service and a three course meal on the north bound service in the evening. Arriva Trains Wales business class chefs will be on board to cook the food from fresh produce, much of it sourced in Wales.

    Find out more and view the menu by visiting Business Class Service.

    Refreshment Price List for At Seat Catering Trolleys and Cafes 

    Product   Price 
    Hot drinks   
    Caffia Coffee 12oz £2.25  
    Caffia Coffee 8oz £1.85 
    Caffia Decaf Coffee 8oz £1.85
    Fair Trade Tea 8oz £1.85
    English Breakfast Tea 12oz £2.05
    Hot Chocolate 12oz £2.25
    Hot Chocolate 8oz £1.85
    Cold Drinks   
    Coke, Sprite, Fanta 500ml £1.75
    Water 500ml £1.65
    Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Ribena 330ml £1.70
    Red Bull 250ml £2.20
    Alcoholic Drinks   
    Wine 18.75cl £4.00
    Bitter 440ml £3.00
    Carlsberg Lager 400ml £3.00
    Stella Artois Lager 440ml £3.20
    Bulmer's Cider 440ml £3.00
    Gin & Tonic or Gin & Slimline Tonic pre-mix £4.50
    Bells Whisky 5cl £3.50
    Martell Cognac VSOP 3cl £3.50
    Jagermeister 54cl £3.50
    Sandwiches from £2.90 to £3.70
    Walkers Crisps, Quavers £1.05
    Mini Cheddars 50g £1.15
    Salted or dry roasted nuts £1.10
    Cake, caramel waffles, choc chip cookie £1.60
    Welsh Cakes £1.50
    Eat Natural Bar £1.60
    Kit Kat 4 Fingers, Mars, Twix, Twirl 90p
    Jaffa Cakes 3 Pack £1.10
    Cadbury's Mini-Fingers £1.00
    Rowntree Randoms £1.00
    Haribo Starmix £1.60
    Popcorn £1.30
    Mints £1.10


    Prices correct at time of print but may be subject to change.
    All items subject to availability.
    All prices include VAT.
    VAT receipts are available from the steward.

    *Please note: At Seat catering Voucher can only be purchased from a conductor, on board a train. We DO NOT accept Solo, Electron, or PrePaid Debit cards when purchasing tickets or At Seat catering vouchers on the train.

    Any queries or suggestions are welcome. Please contact us on: Tel: 029 2043 0665 Fax: 08702 419 736 Email: atseatcatering@arrivatw.co.uk. 

    We are always looking for friendly people to join our At Seat Catering team.  Visit www.comeaboard.co.uk to find out more about our train catering employment opportunities (full and part-time).

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