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  • Assisted Travel with Arriva Trains Wales

    Assisted Train Travel with Arriva Trains WalesOur aim is to make travelling with us as simple as possible; for this reason we provide special assistance to passengers who have additional requirements.

    This page is a summary of accessibility information available on the Arriva Trains Wales website to help you make your journey go as smoothly as possible. Click on the underlined headings and/or words will take you a page containing more detailed information on each topic.

    Travel Assistance

    To book assistance, please call our Passenger Assist Team on 033 300 50 501.  Alternatively, you can select and book assistance for your journey when you buy your tickets online - our website lets you choose exactly what help you need from a number of options.

    We will not require passengers to give more than 24 hours’ notice when booking through Passenger Assist, but you can also book further in advance if you prefer.  We will always do what we can if you need to travel at short notice, however if you can let us know your plans in advance, we will be able to help you more effectively.


    If you have a disability you may be eligible for a Disabled Persons Railcard. If you do not have a Railcard and you are blind or partially sighted and travelling with a companion, or if you use a wheelchair, you can get a discount on Anytime tickets.

    Stations Made Easy

    Sometimes it can be helpful to have an idea of what a station looks like before you get there. Stations Made Easy allows you to plan a route around a station and see photos of it.

    Passengers with Disabilities

    Arriva Trains Wales is committed to providing an excellent quality of service to all our customers. Read more about our committment to improve access to our services for customers with disabilities here.

    Assistance Dogs

    To help us achieve our goal and commitment to delivering the best possible service to our customers, Arriva Trains Wales has introduced the ‘Assistance Dogs Travel Guide’ in partnership with each of the Charities. 

    Mobility Scooters 

    Train Companies have different policies about carrying Mobility Scooters on trains.

    Network Accessibility Map

    To find out how accessible each of the 247 stations that we operate are, please download a copy of this map.

    Assisted Travel Awareness Talks

    We are working with groups who provide support for disabled people to raise awareness of our Assisted Travel Awareness Scheme.  We visit local groups where we explain what assistance is available at stations and on trains, how to buy a ticket and book assistance, what facilities are available at stations and on trains and the benefits of a Disabled Persons’ Railcard. 

    As part of each visit, a familiarisation trip can be arranged for each group so that you can experience a journey and enjoy a day out by train.  If you would like to arrange an awareness visit, please contact our Customer Relations Team on 03333 211 202 or by email at .

  • Making Rail Accessible

    Making Rail Accessible: Helping Older and Disabled Passengers
    This guide is to assist you with your journey on Arriva Trains Wales/Trenau Arriva Cymru train services and at our stations. If you have reduced mobility or special requirement this guide will provide advice on how best to get help and assistance if you need it.

    Making Rail Accessible: Helping Older and Disabled Passengers (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

    Information on Arriva Trains Wales' station accessibility and facilities is available to view on National Rail Enquires Station Made Easy website.



  • Making Rail Accessible Guide to Policies and Practices September 2011 IMG Making Rail Accessible: Guide to Policies and Practices

    Click here to download the PDF (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
    Click here to download the PDF in Welsh (Adobe Acrobat PDF)