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  • Buying on the go with Arriva Trains Wales

    Find train train and cheap fares easy with our new mobile site

    Now it’s easier to find train times and unbeatable low prices, whenever you want

    We've redesigned the mobile buying journey to make it easier for you to get your train times and tickets

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    With less steps from searching for train times to having your tickets

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    A better design means you can see at a glance the cheapest price

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    More Convenient

    Collect your tickets at the station or send straight to the ATW App
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    Real Time Train Running Information

    See your entire journey on one screen

    E-Tickets - Choosing E-Tickets means you can keep the ticket on your phone as an e-mail, print the ticket off or download the ticket to your ATW Ticket App

    Plus with no booking fees & no card charges when you book direct - you can do more of what’s important to you, for less

    To use simply visit when on your mobile device.

    Plus there's more


    Download the ATW tickets App today for the easy way to plan journeys & get the cheapest tickets

    Save 16% on the cost of regular travel on Arriva Trains Wales, with our special pack of tickets you can buy anywhere, anytime, store and use on your mobile!