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  • Filming Requests with Arriva Trains Wales 

    Thank you for considering Arriva Trains Wales as your next filming location. Here you will find further information on the procedures that need to be followed in order to obtain permission to film, together with details on how to submit your application.
    With 244 stations around the Wales and the English borders, Arriva Trains Wales can offer a variety of locations to suit the needs of all kinds of production companies including filming on-board carriages and platforms. 

    Movies, advertisements, documentaries and dramas have all been shot on our premises and can be arranged by emailing  with your Filming Request Application Form and a copy of your Public Liability Insurance, Risk Assessment and Method Statement.

    The following webpages will provide you with additional information on how to get started together with application forms to download.

    We look forward to working with you.

    How to Apply
    We've prepared some guidelines for you to help complete your application form for filming request with Arriva Trains Wales. Follow these steps to ensure we can process your filming request:

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    Research  : Find out specific Arriva Trains Wales stations, services and routes.


    Give notice  : Plan ahead to film at your desired station. We require at least 14 working days to process your film request*.


    Terms and Conditions
    Application Forms & Fees  : Download the application form for filming request and information about fees. We cannot proceed with your filming request without your application form.


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    The application form will request full details of your intended activity, which should be completed and returned to us.  We are not able to process your filming request if these details aren’t provided. Our Safety Department will consider your application upon submission and we will then send you a Risk Assessment Form for you to complete.

    * This is to allow sufficient time for you to complete the necessary documentation and for us to consider the application, for the necessary Health & Safety accreditation to be issued and for supervision to be arranged where required.