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  • Passengers with Disabilities

    We are committed to providing an excellent quality of service to all our customers.

    We are working with rail industry colleagues and Government to improve accessibility to stations and trains in addition to improved facilities at stations.  Our commitment is outlined in the booklet “Making Rail Accessible: Guide to Policies and Procedures”, which can be downloaded here

    The booklet also details the services that disabled people should expect when travelling with us. A printed guide can also be obtained from our staffed stations, by post or by telephoning 0870 9000 772.

    Our aim is to maintain and where possible improve standards of accessibility across our network. We will always do what we can if you need to travel at short notice, however if you can let us know your plans in advance, we will be able to help you more effectively. Please be aware that lifts at some of our stations are only in operation during the hours the platforms are staffed.

    The 'Stations Made Easy‘ page on the National Rail Enquiries website can provide detailed information about the level of facilities and accessibility at all stations. Enter the name of your origin or destination station to obtain details such as opening hours, toilet facilities and accessibility.

  • Making Rail Accessible

    Making Rail Accessible: Helping Older and Disabled Passengers
    This guide is to assist you with your journey on Arriva Trains Wales/Trenau Arriva Cymru train services and at our stations. If you have reduced mobility or special requirement this guide will provide advice on how best to get help and assistance if you need it.

    Making Rail Accessible: Helping Older and Disabled Passengers (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

    Information on Arriva Trains Wales' station accessibility and facilities is available to view on National Rail Enquires Station Made Easy website.