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  • Key Transparency Indicators

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    At Arriva Trains Wales we aim to share information about our performance and service levels with customers, stakeholders and the general public. 

    As a business that currently achieves the European Foundation of Quality Management 5 Star level of quality we believe it is important for all our audiences to have access to this type of information.
    This section of our website provides access to a wide variety of information sources to help show how Arriva Trains Wales performs over a range of different business activities.
    If you would like further information about Arriva Trains Wales or have any feedback on our performance, please contact us here

    Customer Satisfaction: the National Rail Passenger Survey

    The latest National Rail Passenger Survey results can be found here
    The National Pail Passenger Survey is an independent survey that is conducted twice annually by Transport Focus. 

    Public Performance Measure (PPM): how we measure Performance & Punctuality

    The standard measure used throughout the rail industry in Great Britain is the Public Performance Measure (PPM). This is a combined measure of how many trains timetabled to operate have run throughout the entire route and calling points and how many have arrived at their final destination within 4mins 59secs of their advertised time. The results of this measure are reported every four weeks.
    Our Public performance measure can be viewed here
    Arriva Trains Wales service Performance and Punctuality Measure per route can be viewed here: This information is also displayed on posters at Arriva Trains Wales managed stations.  

    Pre-planned changes to timetables and unplanned disruption to services

    Pre-planned changes to our published timetable, typically due to infrastructure improvement works undertaken by Network Rail, can be viewed here:
    Real time information on unplanned disruption to Arriva Trains Wales services is published and updated on a 24 hour / 7 days a week basis here:
    Information on planned changes affecting other UK train operators can be viewed on National Rail Enquires website:
    Or, by visiting the specific train operator’s website.  

    Current improvement work by Network Rail for the UK Rail Network:
    Network Rail Delays Explained can be viewed here:

    Ticket Office opening hours by station

    Arriva Trains Wales managed stations can be viewed here:
    All other train stations in the UK: 

    Season Ticket Calculator

    Season ticket calculator to demonstrate per journey cost for any journey between two stations in the UK can be viewed here: 

    Special Events

    Information about special events (sporting events, concerts, festivals and any other events) affecting Arriva Trains Wales service is published here 

    Number of complaints

    Number of complaints per 100,000 Passenger Journeys for every train operator in the UK can be viewed here:
    Passenger Focus:
    Office of Rail and Road: