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  • Refunds - Frequently Asked Questions

    I want to change my journey?

    Noder: Nid yw tudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg ar hyn o bryd. Rydym yn ceisio cyfieithu y tudalen yma mor gynted a phosib.

    If you buy your ticket before the date of travel and later find that you need to change the date, the time, the route or all of these options, you may be able to do this depending on the type of ticket you have purchased as outlined below.

    What ticket types allow for a change of journey?

      Advance Anytime Off-Peak Super Off-Peak
    Change Date Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Change time Yes Not Required. Travel Anytime Yes Yes
    Change route No Yes* Yes* Yes*


    * You can change the departing/arrival station by cancelling the ticket(s) with the retailer and buying new ones

    You may have to pay an admin fee to change your ticket (no more than £10 per ticket)

    If you have an Advance ticket you will need to pay a £10 admin fee and the difference between the price you have already paid and the cheapest priced ticket available for the train you want to travel on.


    Season Ticket Refunds (Weekly, Monthly and Annual Season Tickets)

    Noder: Nid yw tudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg ar hyn o bryd. Rydym yn ceisio cyfieithu y tudalen yma mor gynted a phosib.

    If you bought a season ticket and no longer want to use it you must apply for a refund as quickly as possible. This is because any refund is calculated from the date the retailer receives the season ticket.

    How is a season ticket refund calculated?

    Season ticket refunds are not calculated based on the pro-rata number of days they were used for. Instead any refund will be calculated based on the types of tickets that you would have needed to purchase to make those journeys. The below table provides examples of how season ticket refunds are calculated.

    Example figures for a season ticket between Chester and Manchester

    Weekly Season ticket

    Monthly Season ticket

    Annual Season ticket

    Cost of ticket




    Valid for

    7 days

    1 month

    12 months

    Number of days used

    3 days

    16 days

    5 months and 4 days

    Tickets needed for days used

    3 day return tickets

    2 weekly tickets and 2 day return tickets

    Rates for periods of one month and over can be derived from using a Period Factors table based on a 7 Day Season Ticket fare.

    Cost of days used




    Less Admin fee




    Total Refund due





    Your Refund rights

    Noder: Nid yw tudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg ar hyn o bryd. Rydym yn ceisio cyfieithu y tudalen yma mor gynted a phosib.

    Refunds on tickets which have not been used.

    If changed your mind and decided not to travel you can apply for a refund. An administration fee (up to £10) will be deducted from your refund claim. Some ticket types such as Advance tickets cannot be refunded. You must do this no more than 28 days after the expiry of the ticket. 

    Your right to a refund if your train is disrupted and you choose not to travel

    If the train you intended to use was cancelled, delayed, or your reservation was not honoured and you decide not to travel you are entitled to claim a full refund from the ticket retailer with no administration fee being charged. This applies to all tickets, including Advance tickets, and also applies if you have begun your journey but are unable to complete it due to delay or cancellations and return to your point of origin. 

    All refund requests will be processed as soon as possible, and no later than 1 month after it is received.

    You must provide the original tickets with your refund claim.

    If your journey was delayed due to disruption on the rail network, you may be entitled to compensation. The Train Company who caused you the disruption is responsible for providing any compensation. If your journey was delayed by Arriva Trains Wales please complete our compensation claim form here .

    Ticket Vending Machine Price Guarantee

    Mae'n annhebygol, ond os digwydd ichi brynu tocyn o beiriant gwerthu tocynnau yn un o orsafoedd Trenau Arriva Cymru ac wedyn canfod y gallech fod wedi prynu tocyn rhatach am yr un daith, mae'n bosibl y bydd gennych hawl i ad-daliad gwerth y gwahaniaeth yn y gost.

    Dylech siarad â'r staff yn y swyddfa docynnau yn yr orsaf â staff agosaf ichi. Neu cysylltwch â'n tîm Cysylltiadau Cwsmeriaid gan ddefnyddio'r ffurflen hon neu anfonwch eich tocynnau trwy'r post at:

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