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  • Prosiectau ar ein Gorsafoedd

    Arriva Trains Wales has developed a series of projects with Local Authority run Youth Offending Teams across South Wales.

    Since 2007, young people have worked with ATW at stations as part of their community reparation.

    As part of the restorative justice system, projects have been co-ordinated by Arriva Trains Wales with the youngsters working alongside staff from the train company and supervisors from the Youth Offending Service.

    The Youth Offending Service is a statutory partnership under the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act.  The service forms part of a multi agency partnership with staff from departments such as the Children’s Services, Schools Service, Probation Service and organisations such as the Police, Careers Wales and Crime Reduction Initiative.

    Youth Offending Services have wide ranging responsibilities including:

    • the prevention of youth crime
    • dealing with youth crime
    • promoting safer communities
    • ensuring that the victims of youth crime feel that the criminal justice system works for them.

    The projects undertaken at stations help young offenders with the process of understanding the consequences of their offending, their families, their victims and the community.

    Through participation in activities such as painting and vegetation clearance, the young people are given the opportunity to learn new skills and gain experiences that could help with future employment.

    As part of their reparation, young people have worked at the following stations.

    Arriva Trains Wales has also worked with community groups at the following stations: