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  • Passenger Code of Conduct

    Passenger Code of Conduct Arriva Trains Wales

    Ticket IconTo travel on a train you must buy a ticket at the FIRST available opportunity.

    Buying a ticket in advance of travel can save you time and money. If you have not purchased a ticket in advance or there are no facilities to buy at the station where your journey started, only then should you buy a ticket on the train or from other retail staff.

    Not buying a ticket or the correct ticket can lead to prosecution or a fine.

    Stop with cross IconFor the comfort of other passengers and staff.

    When travelling with Arriva Trains Wales, please do not smoke, consume alcohol*, shout, swear, play loud music, loiter, be abusive towards staff and other passengers, put your feet on seats or vandalise property.
    *This applies to routes where the consumption of alcohol is prohibited. For further information, please contact 03333 211 202.

    CCTV IconAnti-social behaviour at stations and on trains will not be tolerated.

    Trains and stations are patrolled by British Transport Police and Security Staff. For your safety, trains and most stations are equipped with CCTV. This can be used in evidence against persons acting in breach of Civil or Railway Bye-laws, which may lead to prosecution and restriction on future travel.


    No Smoking Icon IMGSmoking on our trains and stations.

    Passengers are not allowed to smoke anywhere on Arriva Trains Wales trains or stations. Additionally, given their remarkable likeness to cigarettes, the use of e-cigarettes can cause concern amongst other passengers, so we ask customers not to use them whilst on Arriva Trains Wales services or stations.