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  • Your Refund rights

    Refunds on tickets which have not been used.

    If you changed your mind and decided not to travel you can apply for a refund. An administration fee (£10.00) will be deducted from your refund claim. Some ticket types such as Advance tickets cannot be refunded. You must do this no more than 28 days after the expiry of the ticket.

    Your right to a refund if your train is disrupted and you choose not to travel

    If the train you intended to use was cancelled, delayed, or your reservation was not honoured and you decide not to travel you are entitled to claim a full refund from the ticket retailer with no administration fee being charged. This applies to all tickets, including Advance tickets, and also applies if you have begun your journey but are unable to complete it due to delay or cancellations and return to your point of origin. 

    All refund requests will be processed as soon as possible, and no later than 1 month after it is received.

    You must provide the original tickets with your refund claim.

    If your journey was delayed due to disruption on the rail network, you may be entitled to compensation. The Train Company who caused you the disruption is responsible for providing any compensation. If your journey was delayed by Arriva Trains Wales  please complete our compensation claim form here .