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  • Railway Byelaws - Why they help us to help you

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    Britain’s Railway Byelaws cover trains, track and stations across the country. Thousands of trains use as many stations throughout the day and night. To ensure ease of travel and safety on the railway system, including passengers, staff, property and equipment, the Byelaws need to be observed by everyone.

    Conduct and behaviour
    Some practices can be generally unpleasant, or can be dangerous to yourselves and others. To make travelling more comfortable and safer, unacceptable behaviour is banned on the railways. Other activities, such as smoking and music have limits imposed on them so that the majority of railway users can travel in comfort.

    Equipment and safety
    Safety is paramount to the running of all railway services. The Byelaws are very clear on matters of safety – and this protects equipment and property, as well as users and staff.

    Control of premises
    There are areas across the railway system that have restricted access, for example pedestrian-only areas, as using other forms of transport (e.g. bicycles) may cause a danger. Also, access is not allowed on any non-public parts of an operating network, such as railway embankments and underground tunnels. Various rules relating to the carriage of animals are also needed.

    Travel and fares
    There are many different types of tickets available for travel on the national rail network; each type has its own conditions of use. For example, some tickets may be used on the services of more than one operator; others can only be used on a specified train service. If you would like to know more about travel and fares, please ask the operator(s) of the service(s) for the journey you wish to make. Train companies can also give you details about the National Rail Conditions of Travel that apply when you travel on passenger train services on the railway network.

    The Byelaws are there to help everyone to travel easily and safely. This can be only achieved if all users take time to consider their actions and observe the Byelaws.

    The Railway Byelaws can be downloaded from the Department for Transport website

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