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  • Mobile Multi-Flex Train Tickets

    Mobile Multiflex Tickets - Cheaper by the dozen

    Save 16% on the cost of regular travel on Arriva Trains Wales, with our special pack of tickets you can buy anywhere, anytime, store and use on your mobile!

    Our Multiflex product is a reduced cost pack of 12 mTickets that enable you to select six train journeys each way between two applicable stations. Previously available only on our Cardiff & Valleys network and now extended to even more selected services across our network. They can help you save money on a huge selection of shorter journeys throughout the Arriva Trains Wales network.

    If you travel on the Coryton line you could save up to 25% on the cost of regular travel on our services while we trial more Multiflex bundles. 

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    16% price saving per journey in comparison to the cost of the equivalent number of Arriva Trains Wales priced Anytime Day Return tickets. Multi-Flex mTickets can be stored for 3 months after purchase. Each mTicket must be activated to be used for travel. Subject to network coverage. Fares valid until 19/05/2018. National Rail conditions of Travel, terms and conditions apply. Your standard network provider text message and data charges may apply.

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I pay for Mobile Multiflex tickets? 
    You can pay for Mobile Multi-Flex tickets using a valid debit or credit card. Tickets are not refundable.

    How long can I use my tickets for? 
    Mobile Multiflex tickets are valid for up to 3 months after purchase, depending on how quickly you make 12 journeys. Tickets that have not been activated after 3 months will automatically expire and are not refundable.

    Why do I need to activate my ticket?  
    In order to use your ticket, you must make it valid for travel. Once a ticket has been activated, it is valid for the journey you are making and will then expire later. Tickets cannot subsequently be deactivated.

    You must activate before you board in order to make your ticket valid - this can be done at any time, even as the train is pulling into the platform. Ticket activation does not require an internet connection.

    If you board a service without activating first, you may be asked to buy a new ticket at the "on the day" rate, with no refunds available. You may also be liable to a fine and/or prosecution if you fail to activate a mobile ticket before boarding.

    I've accidentally deleted my tickets, or lost them due to the app being removed or deleted. 
    Mobile tickets are stored within the app's "Ticket Wallet" - please avoid deleting the app so that your tickets are kept safe. If you delete any unused tickets, you will need to buy new ones in the same way as you would if you lost a traditional paper ticket.

    In exceptional circumstances we can replace your mobile tickets onto a new phone, but will only do so a maximum of once in any twelve month period. Please contact so that we can help you.

    My smartphone is low on battery or can't be powered up. What should I do?  
    Please ensure your phone has sufficient power to last your journey. If you can't display a valid ticket when asked by staff, you will be asked to purchase a new one at the "on the day" rate, with no refunds available.

    My journey was disrupted. Am I entitled to compensation? 
    In line with our Passenger's Charter, you may be entitled to compensation if you have been disrupted on our services.

    Please contact our Customer Relations team with journey details and a screenshot of your activated ticket, clearly showing the date and time when it was activated so that we can investigate your claim.

    How can I get through the ticket gatelines? 
    Certain ticket barriers are equipped with barcode readers. If there is no reader, please show your activiated ticket to a member of staff

    Do Railcard minimum fares apply?
    No, the minimum fares do not apply on Mobile Multiflex tickets. Even more reason to grab your mobile Multiflex tickets.