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  • Bilingual Policy 

    We work closely with the Welsh Language Commissioner and set out our Welsh Language Policy in our Passenger Charter, which is detailed below; 

    We are committed to providing information in both Welsh and English. 

    We operate a bilingual service in the following areas: 

    • Responses to written correspondence 
    • Customer Relations telephone calls 
    • e-mail correspondence 
    • Timetable information – via NRES Welsh Language Service 
    • Signage is now almost 100% bilingual. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that all our signage is bilingual at stations in Wales. 
    • Producing bilingual promotional material as appropriate Pocket Timetables and guides to services are produced as bilingual publications 
    • Providing Welsh language passenger announcements where possible on stations.

    Website: As part of our commitment to Welsh culture, we always try to ensure that the Arriva Trains Wales website is available in both English and Welsh language versions. However, as some sections of the site are updated on a frequent basis or updated by automated feeds from 3rd parties, this is not always possible. We regret this restriction but hope you will continue to take advantage of the Welsh language site where available. 

    The following website functions are not available in Welsh: