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  • Allowed Items

    What items are allowed onto trains?From surfboards to scooters and salamanders to rowing boats, our customers regularly ask us whether they can take a variety of items along for the ride.

    Here to help you is Arriva Trains Wales' short guide to some of the things that you can, and cannot, carry on our services:

    • wheelchairs up to a certain size can be carried; armchairs cannot
    • folded prams, carrycots and bicycles can be carried; tandem bicycles and motorbike-sidecars cannot
    • up to two small, domestic animals can be carried; livestock cannot

    As a guide, you will require special permission for anything over one metre in length, for which we may have to charge you extra, but the common sense rule is that anything that cannot be carried by one person, on their own, cannot be taken on the train. Finally, during periods of engineering work, you won't be able to take any large objects on replacement bus services.

    For further information, please visit the National Rail Enquires Advice and Regulations on what you can and cannot take on a train.

    If you are interested in taking your bike on the train with you, take a look at our information on bicycles .