• Rugby World Cup Travel Advice 18 September – 31 October 2015

    The Rugby World Cup 2015 is now in full swing. The rail network will be very busy throughout the world cup as thousands of fans travel to support their teams in venues across the UK. Many of the matches will be played at host venues that are served by the Arriva Trains Wales network. 

    The Rugby World Cup 2015 organisers have put together a comprehensive travel guide for fans and general rail travellers alike which covers useful travel information for all the venues hosting Rugby World Cup 2015 matches visit  www.rugbyworldcup.com/gameplan for more information. 

    Travel Advice for the Arriva Trains Wales Network
    If you are travelling on the Arriva Trains Network during the Rugby World Cup, some services and stations are likely to be busier especially on match days.  Four of the venues are on our network (Cardiff, Birmingham, Manchester and Gloucester) but fans will also be using our services to link to other train operator services for example our South Wales services are likely to be busy on the Twickenham match days as fans travel to connect into the First Great Western London services.

    Match Date Venue Kick off
    Wales v Fiji 1 October Cardiff 16:45
    New Zealand v Georgia 2 October Cardiff 20:00
    England v Uruguay 10 October Manchester 20:00
    France v Ireland 11 October Cardiff 16:45
    USA v Japan 11 October Gloucester 20:00
    Quarter Final 17 October Cardiff 20:00  
    Quarter Final 18 October Cardiff 13:00 

    Match Travel Advice
    We will be issuing specific travel advice for Arriva Trains Wales services for each match on the Arriva Trains Wales network as the tournament progresses. Keep checking this page for more details. 

    Click here to see a short animated video 

    Are you on the Ball?

  • 10th - 11th October 2015

    England V Uruguay IMG
    France v Ireland IMG
    USA v Japan IMG

    England v Uruguay

    Manchester City Stadium 
    Saturday 10 October, Kick off 20:00

    France v Ireland

    Millennium Stadium, Cardiff 
    Sunday 11 October, Kick off 16:45

    USA v Japan

    Kingsholm Stadium, Gloucester
    Sunday 11 October, Kick off 20:00 

    Train services in the Cardiff, Gloucester and Manchester area will be busy this weekend as thousands of rugby fans head towards the host venues to watch the Rugby World Cup in action live! We will be adding extra capacity to our services where possible on the affected routes however if you are planning to travel to these destinations by train this weekend you may have to stand for some or all of your journey. 

    If you are attending the games in Gloucester and Manchester, due to the late 20:00 kick offs ,we are asking all match-goers to return directly to the station where for safety reasons  there will  be a post –match queuing system in place.

    In Cardiff there will also be a post-match queueing system at Cardiff Central station which will kick in around 18:00 and Cardiff Queen Street will close at 18:30. Please note on match days the Saunders road car park will not be available for parking and parking spaces in the Penarth Road car park will be extremely limited. We are also asking customers to use the drop off point at the Penarth Rd entrance of Cardiff Central station during this time. Please  click here  for alternative parking available in Cardiff. 

    Please check your journey plans before you travel at www.journeycheck.com/arrivatrainswales

  • Important advice for travelling to and from the Millennium Stadium

    If you are travelling to the Millennium Stadium for an event by train the following information will help make your journey safe and straightforward.

    Queueing at Cardiff Central Station

    Crowds RWC at the stadium IMG 

    Crowds queueing at Cardiff Central station.
    Cardiff Central Queue plan Sept 2015 IMG
    Download the queue guide (Adobe Acrobat PDF)
    Cardiff Central Railway Station is just 400 yards from the Millennium Stadium, opposite Cardiff Bus Station. On average we welcome around 45,000 rugby fans to each major game with fans arriving from all parts of the UK. After the final whistle, there is a generally a large surge of fans returning to the station.        

    Cardiff Central Station will be extremely busy and for passengers safety and security a queueing system may be in operation at the station after the event, with different queues for different destinations. Please familiarise yourself with the queue map before you return to the station. 

    Passengers who are attending an event are advised to allow plenty of time to travel, and where possible, to arrive early in Cardiff and soak up the atmosphere.  After the event, passengers are advised to return to Cardiff Central Station as soon as the event has finished.

    Where a queuing system is in place passengers may have to queue for up to 2 hours depending on the size of the event. Please click here for the Queuing Plan PDF (Adobe Acrobat PDF)  
    We have also put together a quirky animated video about what to expect when you have to queue at the station.

    All the train operators (Great Western Railway, Cross Country and Arriva Trains Wales) will be adding extra capacity to their services and adding extra services to help get fans home. However, you may have to stand for some or all of your journey. Also, due to all the extra services and capacity services may not be running exactly to the advertised timetable.  But don’t worry, everything will be done to get you on your way safely.

    Also, as trains and stations will be busy, we are advising customers to buy their tickets in advance to avoid the queues.  

    If you are not going to the match, we advise that you avoid travelling on the affected services if possible on these dates.

    Please check your journey plans before you travel  www.journeycheck.com/arrivatrainwales and for live travel advice follow us on Twitter  @ArrivaTW   

    Whatever your plans, we wish you a great weekend 

  • Further advice and guidance.

    Buy your Train Tickets before you travel
    Cardiff Central Railway Station operates revenue protection ticket barriers and customers are advised to purchase their return tickets to avoid further delays when returning to the station and it is usually cheaper than purchasing two single tickets. All passengers must have a correct ticket for the journey they are taking and it is their responsibility to have one. Read our Revenue Enforcement Policy here

    Passenger Safety
    The safety of our passengers is paramount.  Barrier systems in place within the station perimeter are installed for crowd control and passenger safety. 

    • Please stand well back from the platform edge
    • Allow passengers to get off the train before you board
    • Please do not wave flags and banners on the platform as they are distracting to the driver

    Reservations on trains
    Some services are closed or not available for reservations on event days.

    Special Assistance
    If you require assistance when travelling by train please book in advance by ringing our Journey Care Line on 0845 300 3005, contact the Customer Relations Department on  03333 211 202 or email customer.relations@arrivatrainswales.co.uk.  If you haven't been able to book in advance please make yourself known to a member of platform staff or a crowd safety steward so we can assist you with your return journey.

    Engineering Work
    Please check this website for details of engineering work that may affect your train journey to and from Cardiff

    Charter Trains
    Passengers who are travelling to an event on a chartered train need to receive the following information from the Charter organiser before travelling: 

    • Where you need to queue for the return journey
    • What time you need to be back at the station
    • The name of the Charter service you are travelling on and the colour of your train ticket

    Please note that Charter trains will depart at their booked time, and will not be held if passengers are not on board when the train is due to leave.

    Alcohol Consumption
    There are some events when alcohol consumption on trains and at stations is not permitted.  Please refer to specific event details, contact our Customer Relations Department on 03333 211 202 or email customer.relations@arrivatrainswales.co.uk 

    For more information on Cardiff and to find accommodation visit www.visitcardiff.com 

    Top Ten Tips 

    • Please allow plenty of time for your journey
    • Return to the station as quickly as possible after the event
    • Please be patient - the queuing system is for your personal safety
    • Purchase your return ticket in advance to avoid further delays at stations
    • Allow for weather conditions when queuing ie bring an umbrella and warm clothing
    • Please be aware that the only public toilets available to passengers outside the station are next to the NCP car park behind Marland House (these can be accessed to the side of Burger King). There are passenger toilets on each platform.
    • If you require assistance when travelling by train, please let us know in advance
    • If you are not going to the event please avoid travelling to and from Cardiff Central Station on that day
    • Listen out for last minute platform changes - ask a member of staff to clarify if necessary
    • Please be aware that smoking is not permitted anywhere on Arriva Trains Wales premises, including on trains and stations

    Frequently Asked Questions about event travel arrangements - Click here