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  • Live Service Information

    Arriva Trains Wales Journey Check
    Whatever reason you are travelling with us; be in the know before you go.

    Live travel updates: Arriva Trains Wales Journey Check is a fast and FREE way of checking your journey. Visit
    Travel the same route regularly? Sign up for FREE Arriva Trains Wales Journey Check alerts to get specific updates on your regular journeys by email. 

    Departure Boards
    Want to check your train is running on time? Here you can check 'real time' departure and arrival information.

    Planned Service Alterations
    Check if there are service alterations, which may affect your journey, due to essential track maintenance and planned engineering works.

    Leaves on the Line
    “Leaves on The Line” is now recognised as a serious safety and performance issue, which disrupts rail services during the Autumn.

    Winter Travel Advice
    If you're travelling with us this winter, here are a few useful tips for a safe and comfortable journey.

    Passenger Information During Disruption
    Feedback from customers consistently tells us that the flow of information about train services that are experiencing disruption is a priority for them and is an area we need to focus on more strongly.

    As a result, ATOC have produced an Approved Code of Practise that sets out high-level guidance about generic good practice in the provision of information to customers during disruption. It provides individual operators with a framework that they can tailor according to local circumstances.

    View the Code of Practice (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

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