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  • How do I buy a ticket for someone else to travel?

    How do I buy a ticket for someone else to travel?

    There are several ways for you to buy a train ticket for someone else to travel on:


    Choose a different delivery address from the billing address so tickets can be posted direct to the traveller.

    Self-service ticket machine

    You can collect at a self-service ticket machine. Some bookings require collection with the debit/credit card used to make payment, and other bookings can be collected with any card, making it easier for other people to collect the tickets.
    You will be notified before paying for the tickets what is required.

    'Print Your Own' ticket

    The traveller's name can be printed on the ticket and only they can travel. 
    The traveller must carry the printed ticket and one of the accepted forms of ID (credit or debit card, national railcard, passport or driving license) and this ID must have the name exactly as it appears on the ticket.

    Mobile ticket (m-ticket)

    If you are buying a ticket for someone else, simply write the traveller's name in the field as requested and then forward the booking confirmation email to them.

    As long as the traveller has downloaded the ATW Tickets app, they can click the 'Download your mobile ticket' button which will download the ticket into their app.


    Just forward the email with the PDF attahced tickets to whoever is travelling, they can then show it on their phone, print a copy off or download it to their ATW Tickets app to use.