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  • The Marches Performance

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    The Marches covers:

    • Manchester-Cardiff and West
    • Holyhead-Cardiff
    • Crewe-Shrewsbury

    We like our customers to know how we are performing. Below you can find charts representing our:

    • On Time % - The percentage of our trains that arrive within 59secs of their advertised time
    • PPM % - Our Public Performance Measure shows the percentage of our trains that arrive within 4min 59secs of the advertised time
    • Delay Responsibilities – The number of minutes in delays and the party responsible

      Period Dates: 19 August 2018 to 15 September 2018

       Marches - On Time
       Marches - PPM

      Marches - Delays

    • Breakdown by Area

      Cambrian Line Performance North Wales Inter Urban Performance North Wales Branches Performance South West & Central Performance
      Marches Performance Valley Lines Performance Wales England Performance ATW Overall Performance