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  • Principality Stadium Events

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    Cardiff Central station is a stones throw from the Principality Stadium in the heart of the city centre and on match or other event days, train services into Cardiff can be extremely busy. 

    Our advice if you are travelling by train to attend a game is to try and arrive at least 3 hours in advance of kick-off.

    Some Cardiff Central station car parks will be closed prior to and during the games and Cardiff Queen Street will typically close just before the end of the match. 

    You should head back to Cardiff Central station straight after a game where a queuing system is usually in place to get everyone home safely so you could be expected to queue for some time before allowed onto the platform to board your train. 

  • Buying a ticket  

    You should buy your train tickets well in advance of travel, which will save you having to queue at the booking office on the day. There will be revenue protection officers at the station and ticket barriers will be in use. 

    You should buy return tickets for your journey so that you won’t have to queue for tickets before entering the queuing system when returning to the station – this also saves you a bit of money, as it’s often cheaper than buying two single tickets.

    The safety of our passengers is paramount - here are a few things to remember to stay safe. 

    Please stand well back from the platform edge

    Allow passengers to get off the train before you board

    Please do not wave flags and banners on the platform, as they are distracting to the driver

    Dress appropriately for the weather – the queuing system is not under cover. 

    Reservations on trains 

    Some services are closed or not available for seat reservations on event days, as we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get your reserved seat.

    Passenger Assistance 

    If you need assistance when travelling by train then please visit our Assisted Travel page 

    Engineering Work 

    You should check for details of engineering work that may affect your train journey to and from Cardiff

    Charter Trains 

    Passengers travelling to an event in Cardiff on a chartered train need to obtain the following information from the Charter organiser before travelling: 

    • Where you need to queue for the return journey
    • What time you need to be back at the station
    • The name of the Charter service you are travelling on and the colour of your train ticket

    Charter trains must depart at their booked time, so we won’t be able to hold it if you’re not on board when the train is due to leave. 


    There are some events when alcohol consumption on trains and at stations is not permitted.  If this is the case we’ll advertise this nearer the event with support from the British Transport Police.

    Frequently Asked Questions about event travel arrangements