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  • Why is my train delayed, cancelled or replaced by bus?

    Your train can be delayed, cancelled or replaced by bus due to one of many possible reasons, which most of the time is out of Arriva Trains Wales' control. 

    1. Weather - leaves, flooding and snow on the line can affect services.
    2. Obstruction on the line: Animals, Trespassing, fallen trees
    3. Vandalism such as cable theft 
    4. Power failure to line side equipment. Problem with station infrastructure such as power failure or fire. 
    5. Bridge strikes – road vehicle hit the foundation and/or bridge structure. 
    6. Other trains (freight or passenger) further down to line delayed or stopped. 
    7. Over-running Engineering work - Network Rail often schedule engineering work on track and line side equipment during the night and on weekends which can over run by a few hours. 


     Very rarely train services run late or cancelled which is down to Arriva Trains Wales, this could be a mechanical fault with a train, or a shortage of staff. We work hard to keep these delays to a minimum, which is why we are in the top 5 of all UK rail operators in terms of punctuality and reliability. We incur financial penalties for any delays we cause, and also recognise the impact this will have on our valued passengers. Live updates on all Arriva Trains Wales services can be viewed here, where you can also sign up for free email alerts and other services.