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  • Why does Network Rail plan and do engineering works on the network?

    Network rail are responsible for the track and signalling which forms the infrastructure of the railway. In order to maintain their high standards of safety and reliability, every so often, they have to stop trains running so that their teams can get down on to the tracks and repair and upgrade their infrastructure. This is done in a way that is as convenient as possible for the vast majority of passengers and involves a lot of night shifts! Every so often however, a particularly large piece of work, such as a new bridge or new tracks need to be installed, and this is when operators run buses in order to give Network Rail the time to do their important work. The timing of any major work is planned alongside train operators and is designed to create as little disruption as possible. We advertise changes to our timetable well in advance of any engineering work, and you can sign up here for free email alerts to tell you about engineering work affecting your regular journeys.