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  • Why do rail fares go up every year?

    Most season tickets, and some Off-peak and Anytime tickets are governed by a Welsh Government and Department for Transport (DfT) regulatory regime that links rises to the July RPI plus one per cent. The relatively low increase in average rail fares has been a factor in the enormous growth in rail travel seen over the past 10 years, with 45% more passengers using the rail network all over the UK. This increase in passenger usage is 60% in Wales since 2003! Passenger numbers across the UK are now higher than at any time since 1946. The average fare for Arriva Trains Wales in January 2013 was still only £3.85.

    Rail tickets are arranged into two pricing ‘baskets’ - ‘regulated’ and ‘unregulated’. Regulated fares are protected from larger above-inflation rises e.g. most season tickets, and some Off-Peak and Anytime Day tickets. Unregulated tickets include Off-Peak Day, longer-distance Anytime and Advance tickets.