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  • What are you doing to improve the reliability of the infrastructure?

    We discuss the infrastructure daily with Network Rail, who provide and maintain it, and we have a contract with them that provides for compensation payments when things go wrong. Compensation helps us to cover the cost of alternative transport and compensation to our passengers. Details of compensation processes can be found in our Passenger’s Charter here

    We expect to see value for money for our track access charges, and want to see more passengers attracted through reliability, rather than compensation from Network Rail. We want to see better reliability and enhancements with older equipment replaced by its modern equivalent. Every individual incident of unreliability is noted by us and discussed with Network Rail, often at very senior level. We welcome examples of investment such as the current Cardiff Area Signal Renewal programme, further details of which can be found here

    These major enhancements are a great example of Network Rail working hard to improve the reliability and capacity of rail infrastructure.