Eich cysylltu â'r hyn sy'n bwysig
  • Service alterations and Disruptions

    Common queries when train journeys are amended                                                             

    Is there any engineering work affecting my journey? Details of engineering work planned on our network for the next 12 weeks are published here  Planned Service Alterations page  .                                       

    Where's my train? You can check details of any alterations to today's Arriva Trains Wales services on our  Journey Check website  .                                                                                                                    

    I'm meeting someone at the station how can I check if the train is on time?   You can check real time departures and arrivals at our stations on our  Journey Check website  .

    For queries about anything else please get in touch via the following contact methods:  

    If you need a real-time response please get in touch with us via the telephone or Twitter

    Telephone:03333 211 202

    Twitter: Follow and tweet us  @ArrivaTW

    We're available for real-time responses between 0800-2000 hrs Monday to Saturday and 1100 - 2000hrs on Sunday's.

    If you're not in a hurry for a reply please complete our  General Enquires Form .