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  • Season Ticket Refunds (Weekly, Monthly and Annual Season Tickets)

    If you bought a season ticket and no longer want to use it you must apply for a refund as quickly as possible. This is because any refund is calculated from the date the retailer receives the season ticket.

    How is a season ticket refund calculated?

    Season ticket refunds are not calculated based on the pro-rata number of days they were used for. Instead any refund will be calculated based on the types of tickets that you would have needed to purchase to make those journeys. The below table provides examples of how season ticket refunds are calculated.

    Example figures for a season ticket between Chester and Manchester Weekly Season ticket Monthly Season ticket Annual Season ticket
    Cost of ticket £71.40 £274.20 £2,856.00
    Valid for 7 days 1 month 12 months
    Number of days used 3 days 16 days 5 months and 4 days
    Tickets needed for days used 3 day return tickets 2 weekly tickets and 2 day return tickets Rates for periods of one month and over can be derived from using a Period Factors table based on a 7 Day Season Ticket fare.
    Cost of days used £53.10 £178.00 £1,408.10
    Less Admin fee £10 £10 £10
    Total Refund due £8.30 £86.20 £1,437.90