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  • Are you responsible for the stations?

    We operate 244 stations and serve many more. Most of these are unstaffed rural and urban stations, but we do operate some larger stations such as Cardiff Central, Cardiff Queen Street, Chester, Swansea, Shrewsbury, Newport and Llandudno Junction. We staff and clean the station, and carry out minor maintenance. We look after the ticket offices, ticket machines, and in some stations, the safe dispatch of trains. All the stations we operate are leased from Network Rail who is the landlord, in much the same way as someone who rents a house: Network Rail is responsible for major repairs and maintenance. If we want to improve station facilities for our customers, we must generally meet these costs, or work with our partners to secure funding for major improvements. A good example of this type of partnership was the work delivered by us at Swansea station. Recent research undertaken by Passenger Focus, showed significantly increased passenger satisfaction with Swansea, moving it from 50% to 93%. Other operators call at many of our stations, and contribute to the running costs, as do we at station which we visit, but do not operate. At the stations we operate, we look after all passengers, irrespective of who they are travelling with, ensuring they have the best possible journey experience.