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  • Are you responsible for quality and condition of the trains?

    Yes. We operate a fleet of 134 trains and carriages, which are mostly one or two coach diesel trains. All our trains are leased from Rolling Stock Operating Companies. We are responsible for day to day maintenance and cleaning, and the leasing companies responsible for major periodic refurbishments. For any large scale improvement or modification to our fleet, we work closely with our partners in the Welsh Government, the Rolling Stock Operating Company and other suppliers to ensure that the quality of our fleet meets the needs and desires of our passengers and stakeholders. The fleet which is allocated to Arriva Trains Wales is set out in our franchise agreement and restricts our ability to go out and buy new trains. Despite the average age of our fleet being around 25 years, in the most recent (Autumn 2012) National Passenger Survey, 86% of our passengers were satisfied with the train they travelled on. During 2012, we successfully completed a major overhaul of all 24 of our ‘158’ fleet (operating between Aberystwyth, Pwllheli and Birmingham International), transforming an older fleet into a train fit for modern rail passengers, complete with improved accessibility and on train facilities. This shows how we can make the most out of our existing fleet when we work closely with our partners.