Eich cysylltu â'r hyn sy'n bwysig
  • What are E-tickets?

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    Save time at the train station: 
    Get tickets sent straight to your inbox – whenever you want!

    Whether you're in a rush or if the ticket office is closed, when buying tickets at our website on your smartphone, tablet or PC, choosing the e-ticket option will deliver your ticket straight to your inbox.
    So now you can get train tickets anytime, easily stored and ready to use - before you get to the station.  

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    How do I use an e-ticket?

    1. When using our website, once you've made your journey selection, choose the 'e-ticket' delivery option (please note this option may not be available for every journey on our network).

    2. You can keep the ticket on your phone as an e-mail, print the ticket off or download the ticket to your ATW Ticket App

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    Keep on your email

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    Print off your ticket

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    or use the ATW Tickets App

    3. Present the ticket at bar code scanners or to station staff when prompted (please keep the ticket for the entire length of your journey)

    4. Buying a ticket for a friend or family member? Just forward the email and attachment onto them

    5. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

    Things to remember about E-tickets

    • Booked a return journey? There will be two PDF attachments in the email. One for each leg of the journey
    • If you've booked for more than one passenger there will be an PDF attachment for each
    • For multiple journeys you will receive an email for each journey

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