• Journey Check Alerts – the easiest way to get information on disruption to your train journey.

    Arriva Trains Wales are committed to helping you get fast, reliable and accurate information on disruption that may occasionally affect your train journey.  

    Our NEW free service, Journey Check Alerts, enables you to automatically receive e-mails reporting the status of your chosen Arriva Trains Wales services, at the times you need it most.

    Imagine if every day, 10 minutes before you leave work, you received an email letting you know that your train was running on time or was delayed by 15 minutes or had been replaced by a temporary bus service due to severe disruption.  Journey Check Alerts form Arriva Trains Wales can do this and much more, so you will always know the status of your train.   

    All you need to do is sign up on-line and we do the rest.  So if there is any disruption to your selected journey, you’ll know in advance of travel and be able to let people know, make alternative arrangements or simply get to the station at the rescheduled time.

    Click here to register for Journey Check Alerts NOW (new window)

    How do I sign up?
    After you register for this service using the form on this website, you’ll need to follow the instructions in the verification email that will be sent to you.  Then you can log-in to the Journey Check Alerts tool and specify the train services and timings that are of interest and create your own personalised regular email alerts.

    Customise your alerts
    You can customise the alerts at any time by logging into your Journey Check Alerts account and enter the details of the train services and times that are specific to your needs.  You can choose up to four different journeys, with outward and return counting as two journeys.

    Choose your times for train services and alerts.
    To select specific train times, simply complete the 'For Trains Between' section when logged-in to your Journey Check Alerts account. This will define which specific train services you will receive alerts about.

    The 'Alert me at' section is the time that the email alert will be sent to you. You should choose a time that is as close as possible to the departure time of your earliest train, to ensure that you receive the very latest status information.

    Choose your departure stations
    Enter your departure stations in the 'That go from' section. Your alerts will then be based on the scheduled departure time of the trains from your selected stations.

    Change your details
    You can edit your registration details or alerts at any time by clicking the 'Log In' tab on the JourneyCheck www.journeycheck.com/arrivatrainswales home page and using the email address (user name) and password that you entered when first registering for Journey Check Alerts.

    You can also suspend your alerts for a temporary period, for instance whilst you are away on holiday.

    Sign Up NOW!

    Click here to sign up to Journey Check Alerts and start receiving the most accurate and up-to-date email alerts on the status of your favourite Arriva Trains Wales services.   
    Journey Check Alerts terms and conditions.  (new window)

    This service is brought to you by Arriva Trains Wales and was developed by Nexus Alpha Limited. The information supplied to Journey Check, Journey Check Alerts, Journey Check Mobile and Journey Check iPhone App comes directly from staff in the Arriva Trains Wales Operational Control Centre in Cardiff.

    Arriva Trains Wales is committed to protecting your personal information. It will be kept secure at all times and will never be released for use by third parties.  You may unsubscribe at any time from email services provided by Arriva Trains Wales.

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